Vagabond Hotel, Singapore

Vagabond Hôtel, Singapore Hotel category: 5* Address: 39 Syed Alwi Road Singapore 207630 Telephone: +65 6291 6677 E-mail: Website: This glamorous luxury boutique hotel in Singapore can only be described as a masterpiece. Situated in Singapore’s historic Kampong Glam district, hôtel vagabond is the first experience-driven luxury boutique hotel with a Salon area designed to immerse guests in the theatre of art, food, … Continue reading Vagabond Hotel, Singapore

Singapore Hotels

Treat your family to an unforgettable holiday by staying at any one of these fantastic hotels that are designed to provide the utmost in all-round comfort and convenience. 1/ Festive Hotel The fabulous location, family- and child-friendly environment and range of fun amenities make this vibrant hotel the ideal family getaway. Located at the heart of the action near Festive Walk, this hotel is minutes … Continue reading Singapore Hotels

Singapore’s Popular Halal Restaurants & Cafes

Eating halal can be a challenge in some holiday destinations. However, visitors to Singapore will be astounded by the myriad of delicious options available. You’ll find many of Singapore’s Muslim-friendly restaurants and cafes located in Kampong Glam, home to the Malay Heritage Centre. Just for halal foodies, we’ve put together a list of popular restaurants and cafes that offer a mixture of delectable local and … Continue reading Singapore’s Popular Halal Restaurants & Cafes

Singapore Attractions

If you’re planning a family vacation, you’ll find that there’s so much to do in Singapore – so many treasures to uncover and new adventures to experience! Singapore has everything to ensure that everyone in your family has a truly memorable holiday. 1/ Pororo Park Laugh and learn with Pororo, the Little Penguin. This indoor edutainment playground integrates a theme ride, playground attractions, educational classes … Continue reading Singapore Attractions

Timber Joinery House, Singapore

To pass through the entry hall of this house is to step into the set of some fantastic and exotic film… nothing prepares (you) for the instantaneous drama of ….vertiginous composition of forms and textures projecting out, over and around a lush and precipitous site. It embodies all the principles of architectural pleasure… prospect, refuge, enticement, peril and complex order. While the transition from a … Continue reading Timber Joinery House, Singapore

Belmont Road House, Singapore

This is a company house for the local managing director of a very large and diverse multinational corporation dating back to the first half of the nineteenth century – and this makes the house an intriguing addition to the history of the region. While it exemplifies a number of noteworthy environmentally sustainable strategies, it is the house’s role in sustaining cultural and historical continuity that … Continue reading Belmont Road House, Singapore

Vue House, Singapore

This house is a large dwelling but the architect has skillfully welded together rich and contrasting milieus as settings for everyday life, and in the process imparted a sense of intimacy. Elements of an older house on the site have been incorporated into the plan. The plan is arranged to create visual connections between the various parts of the dwelling. There are different viewpoints from … Continue reading Vue House, Singapore

The Winged House, Singapore

The Winged House emerges from the ground as a simultaneously abstract and material expression of its place, celebrating its tropical context while at the same time indulging in a virtuosic play with form. Approaching the house, one meets two grand timber doors with vertical timber-framed slot windows on either side and above the transom. Open the doors and the eye is drawn immediately to the … Continue reading The Winged House, Singapore

Water Lily House, Singapore

Rather than viewing luxury and sustainability as being mutually exclusive, it may actually be that true innovation is driven by the desire for luxury, especially given that luxury and comfort mean such different things to different people. Located in Singapore, Water Lily House is a multi-generational house accommodating three generations. It is also a gathering point for the extended family and a venue for entertaining. … Continue reading Water Lily House, Singapore