The Secret to a Goodnight’s Sleep

Kids Advice: Choosing the Right Mattress for your Child In our previous article we gave you advice on choosing the right type of bed for your child. Now it’s time to consider the importance of choosing the best type of mattress for your child – one that supports their growing bones during childhood; reduces the risk of stiffness and discomfort; and ensures a restful night’s … Continue reading The Secret to a Goodnight’s Sleep

Quick Chat with Sam

Antiquity and modernity vie for attention in Japan. This combined with a tradition-rich culture; complex and profound spiritual traditions; and natural attractions – make Japan appealing to travellers of varied interests. If you’re planning to explore Japan, finding the right Airbnb accommodation will allow you to stay with locals and experience genuine Japanese hospitality and culture. Why did you decide to put your house on … Continue reading Quick Chat with Sam

Japanese Textiles and Fabrics

Craftsmanship, creativity and pride in a job well done are ideals that have fuelled the Japanese culture since its beginning. Japanese dyeing and weaving techniques handed down from one generation to the next in different parts of the country have created a wide variety of fabrics and made life more convenient, comfortable and enjoyable. Textiles have always played an important role in the Japanese way … Continue reading Japanese Textiles and Fabrics

Japanese Cuisine

One of the most popular food options in Brunei, Japanese cuisine is appreciated, respected and most of all, enjoyed in countries all around the world. The Japanese food culture has remained largely healthy and vibrant. It is notoriously nutritious and is based around super-fresh, seasonal products. What’s even more appealing, is that the visual presentation of Japanese food is considered an art form and great … Continue reading Japanese Cuisine

Bellavista Lifestyle and Furniture

Savvy home decorators who appreciate quality furnishings are always looking for world renowned brands that combine innovative designs with superior craftsmanship and the finest materials. This is why since opening its doors in Brunei, Bellavista Lifestyle and Furniture in Kg Delima is fast becoming the go-to-store for an exclusive range of authentic Italian furniture. Italy has long been known for producing some of the finest … Continue reading Bellavista Lifestyle and Furniture

Authentic Touch

This home draws inspiration different countries to create a truly remarkable and individual space. The interior of this home has its own distinctive style that’s both nurturing and inviting. Simple spaces and unique furnishings are treated with verve through texture, accents and colour. The home is a study in well-designed exuberance to meet the style appeal of the family who lives here. The couple who … Continue reading Authentic Touch

Izumiya, Japan

Water and stone are two essential elements of Izumiya, a remarkable house constructed in 1972. This twentieth-century house features two timeless issues in Japanese design: the quests to express the innate beauty of natural materials and to bring the interior and exterior closer together. These goals have been achieved in this house by using traditional materials such as stones, shoji screens, timber floors and tatami … Continue reading Izumiya, Japan

Eastern & Oriental Hotel, Penang

Penang is a vibrant multicultural island off the north-west coast of Peninsular Malaysia – it entices visitors with its colonial charm and mouth-watering mix of cuisines. Tucked away in the heart of George Town sits one of the Far East’s most prestigious and historic hotels – the Eastern & Oriental. This hotel takes you back to a time of elegance and sophistication and makes you … Continue reading Eastern & Oriental Hotel, Penang

One Coburg Quarter, Melbourne

One Coburg Quarter is proudly brought to you exclusively by Australia Property and Development (APAD). APAD is a one stop platform on Australian properties information, properties management, taxation and migration services to help their clients build their property investment portfolio. Unprecedented Location Connected to Melbourne and surrounded by the established northern suburbs, Coburg has rapidly evolved to become one of the city’s most attractive places. … Continue reading One Coburg Quarter, Melbourne