Sambal Goreng

Recipe by Siti Kaprawi Method: 1. Cut ‘tempeh’, tofu and liver into small cubes and deep fried till golden. Put aside. 2. Heat oil. Stir fry all sliced ingredients till fragrant, add in ‘belacan’. 3. Add in blended ingredients till boiling, then add chili paste, tamarind juice, coconut cream milk, sugar and salt to taste. (You may add more sugar according to your taste). 4. Add in … Continue reading Sambal Goreng

Laksa Salad!

Recipe by Nazli Anwari Method 1. Soak and wash the glass noodle in water. Drain and pour hot water over them. Leave for 5 minutes, drain and refrigerate. 2. Wash and drain all vegetables, bean sprouts and herbs. Core cucumber and slice thinly. 3. Slice the tempeh and soak in some coconut milk. 4. Leave aside. Laksa Sauce 1. Make 500ml of coconut milk from fresh dessicated … Continue reading Laksa Salad!

Pondok Sari Wangi

This newly opened live seafood restaurant is set to serve an array of mouth-watering Indonesian and Asian dishes in an ultra-spacious, sumptuous setting.  The beautiful wooden panels at the entrance of this new restaurant in no way prepared us for what we were about to see as we stepped inside the sixth branch of Pondok Sari Wangi Restaurant. The layout and interior décor of this … Continue reading Pondok Sari Wangi

Caffé Verve

When Daniel Foo and his business partners decided to open Caffé Verve in Batu Bersurat, they wanted to bring something unique to the local food scene: well-made quality coffee and authentic Italian food cooked with passion and ingenuity. From the ever popular Duck Ragu served with spaghetti to the Broccoli and Blue Cheese Pizza – you can expect to savour the unexpected here. No matter … Continue reading Caffé Verve

Eating Simply

Healthy Eating Doesn’t Have to be Complicated by Don Bennett, DAS How many of us have wanted to be healthier, and have adopted a healthier lifestyle, only to find that the way we were taught to prepare our food was involved. Well folks, it doesn’t have to be. Food preparation can be as simple or as complex as you like, but many people who’ve been … Continue reading Eating Simply

Japanese Cuisine

One of the most popular food options in Brunei, Japanese cuisine is appreciated, respected and most of all, enjoyed in countries all around the world. The Japanese food culture has remained largely healthy and vibrant. It is notoriously nutritious and is based around super-fresh, seasonal products. What’s even more appealing, is that the visual presentation of Japanese food is considered an art form and great … Continue reading Japanese Cuisine

Why 2% Improvement in Health Matters

Why a 2% Improvement in your Health Matters by Dr. Samuel A. Mielcarlski, DPT Many health issues are related to poor diet and lifestyle factors that can be changed. Both genetics as well as age, are frequently used as excuses for having poor health. Blaming your parents is not the answer! Besides, many so-called genetic predispositions can be positively influenced by healthy diet and lifestyle … Continue reading Why 2% Improvement in Health Matters

An interview with a French Chef in Brunei

    Years ago the kitchen was a place that was hidden behind closed doors. It was just a place for working which was equipped with the bare essentials. But today, more people are opting for the open concept kitchen which allows you to cook, as well as to easily communicate and connect with whatever’s happening in the heart of your home. However, what you … Continue reading An interview with a French Chef in Brunei