Natural Wonder, Philippines

This house on an exposed hill in the Ayala Greenfield Estates overlooking Laguna de Bay has been a collective creative project. Certainly, the house has a meditative calm about it with its beautifully flowing and interconnecting spaces, its unerringly considered placement of art objects and its graceful relationship with its garden and the panoramic views beyond. The house is an assembly of transparent cubic volumes … Continue reading Natural Wonder, Philippines

The Evason Hideaway, Vietnam

This resort spreads itself across Ninh Van Bay, a private cove accessible only by boat in an undeveloped area on the Vietnamese coast. Arriving there is like discovering your own private island, with white sandy beaches and clear blue waters set against a mountainous backdrop of tropical trees and vegetation. Most new construction in Vietnam is done without regard for local architecture or indeed the … Continue reading The Evason Hideaway, Vietnam

Modern Marvel, Johor

The Johor house is a multigenerational family dwelling consisting of five separate but linked villas within a compound located close to what is referred to as ‘the second crossing’ between Malaysia and Singapore. The gently sloping site will eventually be planted with an orchard and trees around the perimeter. One dwelling is designated for the parents’ occupation and for family gatherings, with semi-independent villas for … Continue reading Modern Marvel, Johor

The Siam, Bangkok

Set on 3 acres of verdant frontage along the city side of the Chao Praya River, The Siam is a private 38-room luxury retreat located in Bangkok’s royal Dusit district. Designed by internationally acclaimed architect Bill Bensley, the overall setting of this ultra-luxurious boutique lodging pays homage to  the period of Bangkok’s greatest grandeur, under King Rama V (circa 1853-1910), with Art Deco accents. At … Continue reading The Siam, Bangkok

Global Luxe, Philippines

Makati Village, The Philippines. Whilst some opt for modern minimalist, this home eschews the Spartan for the sumptuous, clean lines for glitzy cutting edge. The Philippines’ Tatler Interiors annual has termed this a return to over-the-top, high-quality luxury as “Global Luxe” or “Vintage Glamour.” This home in an upscale Makati village epitomises this style. Ceilings soar to maximum height, windows and curtain-glass walls light up … Continue reading Global Luxe, Philippines

Culture & Heritage, Indonesia

Set amidst the curvilinear rice fields of Umalas in the Kerobokan area, this house was built “as a tribute to Indonesian art and architecture”. The idea was to produce something that was so particular to the locale that it couldn’t possibly have been constructed anywhere else. Comprising a variety of buildings dotted around a spacious 4,300-square-metre (5,140 sq-yard) plot, the architecture is vernacular in style. … Continue reading Culture & Heritage, Indonesia

The Winged House, Singapore

The Winged House emerges from the ground as a simultaneously abstract and material expression of its place, celebrating its tropical context while at the same time indulging in a virtuosic play with form. Approaching the house, one meets two grand timber doors with vertical timber-framed slot windows on either side and above the transom. Open the doors and the eye is drawn immediately to the … Continue reading The Winged House, Singapore

Water Lily House, Singapore

Rather than viewing luxury and sustainability as being mutually exclusive, it may actually be that true innovation is driven by the desire for luxury, especially given that luxury and comfort mean such different things to different people. Located in Singapore, Water Lily House is a multi-generational house accommodating three generations. It is also a gathering point for the extended family and a venue for entertaining. … Continue reading Water Lily House, Singapore