Alliance Francaise de Brunei

It is a well-known fact that a well-designed learning environment, one that considers all of the senses – can potentially increase levels of student and teacher creativity, productivity and well-being. Extensive research has proven that physical settings, including the colour of walls, levels of natural light, height of ceilings and views can have a dramatic and positive impact on everything from motivation to energy levels. … Continue reading Alliance Francaise de Brunei

Superkids Learning Tuition

“Reach for the stars!” is written in bold, colourful letters on the walls of this learning centre. This is because Tricia Chiam, Program Consultant at Superkids Learning Tuition in Serusop, passionately believes that ALL kids are smart! She explained, “Many children struggle to write as they don’t know what to write and how to write. This is because children either do not know how to … Continue reading Superkids Learning Tuition

Yippy Tune Music School

In September, a total of eight students from Yippy Tune Music School brought back 13 medals from the KK Music festival, a regional competition that involved some 995 participants from Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei. What does the accolade mean to the students, the family and the school? Even though the feelings of pride and glory were sweet and well deserved, “these were temporary victories compared … Continue reading Yippy Tune Music School