Frangipani Frame House, Bali

The frangipani tree (Plumeria sp), ubiquitous in the tropics, is planted extensively in Bali because of its sweet scent, interesting shape and for its cultural and religious significance. The blooms are frequently used in an assortment of decorative and ceremonial purposes. On this Seminyak site, a number of old frangipani trees, leaning in various contorted directions, cast their pristine flowers on the grass and their … Continue reading Frangipani Frame House, Bali

DKFF House, Thailand

This property, which overlooks a lake just 25 kilometers to the east of central Bangkok, was (initially) in an exceptionally rundown condition. The DKFF House took three years from inception to completion. The structure of the house is a combination of RC post/beam and steel frame while the gray and white stone used as cladding material is from China. The external finish is either polished … Continue reading DKFF House, Thailand

Timber Joinery House, Singapore

To pass through the entry hall of this house is to step into the set of some fantastic and exotic film… nothing prepares (you) for the instantaneous drama of ….vertiginous composition of forms and textures projecting out, over and around a lush and precipitous site. It embodies all the principles of architectural pleasure… prospect, refuge, enticement, peril and complex order. While the transition from a … Continue reading Timber Joinery House, Singapore

Belmont Road House, Singapore

This is a company house for the local managing director of a very large and diverse multinational corporation dating back to the first half of the nineteenth century – and this makes the house an intriguing addition to the history of the region. While it exemplifies a number of noteworthy environmentally sustainable strategies, it is the house’s role in sustaining cultural and historical continuity that … Continue reading Belmont Road House, Singapore

Vue House, Singapore

This house is a large dwelling but the architect has skillfully welded together rich and contrasting milieus as settings for everyday life, and in the process imparted a sense of intimacy. Elements of an older house on the site have been incorporated into the plan. The plan is arranged to create visual connections between the various parts of the dwelling. There are different viewpoints from … Continue reading Vue House, Singapore

Izumiya, Japan

Water and stone are two essential elements of Izumiya, a remarkable house constructed in 1972. This twentieth-century house features two timeless issues in Japanese design: the quests to express the innate beauty of natural materials and to bring the interior and exterior closer together. These goals have been achieved in this house by using traditional materials such as stones, shoji screens, timber floors and tatami … Continue reading Izumiya, Japan

A Majestic Legacy, Penang

This residence was purchased by Chung Keng Quee in 1893 and has now been fully restored. It has been refitted and transformed into the Pinang Peranakan Mansion to house a portion of the extensive collection of artifacts owned by connoisseur Peter Soon. Chung Keng Quee, one of the great tin magnates of the Straits Settlements, was not a Peranakan himself, yet bequeathed a late Victorian … Continue reading A Majestic Legacy, Penang