Fun Blocks Interactive Indoor Playground



What does your child dream of becoming? A doctor, an actor, a pilot, a firefighter, a hairdresser, a mechanic? Now you no longer have to go overseas for them to enjoy the immense fun of role play, just drop into Fun Blocks Indoor Interactive Playground located in Hua Ho Shopping Mall, Manggis. Recently opened in early November, this spacious interactive indoor playground offers 11 fabulous Role Play areas; an imaginative Indoor Playground which includes a model of an aircraft that children can play in; two beautifully decorated Party Rooms; plus ‘Patisserie’, a deliciously stocked café run by Emperor’s Court – all under one roof! This is the first playground of its kind in Brunei that has an extensive role play area. The aim here is to engage children’s imagination; to enhance their development by integrating learning and play in a way that’s totally fun; and to encourage more parents to spend quality playtime with their children.



When we spoke with members of the Management team, it was clear that they had carefully researched and considered every detail of this playground concept. They explained, “Besides having fun in our playground area, on the slides and climbing frames; we have an extensive Role Play area where children can choose to get dressed up and pretend to be actors, chefs, grocers, mechanics, doctors or scientists – this allows them to act out real life situations and to get creative! All of our settings are life-like, for example, for our aspiring actors and actresses we have a backstage changing room with mirrors and make-up tables and then there’s a stage with spotlights and microphones. We firmly believe that role play is an important part of child development, as it builds confidence, creativity and communication skills; encourages social interaction and helps children to solve problems.” The team also pointed out that at this playground, play money is not used. They said, “We purposely chose not to include the use of money here because we want the emphasis of our playground in Brunei to be unique – we want the children who come here to focus on exploring, learning about how the world works and to dream big for the future!”


The Management team members were proud to highlight the fact that the staff here is 100% local. “We have spent a great deal of time training our staff and we believe that communication between management and staff is the key to offering a high standard of service to our customers.” The team members were also keen to stress that safety and hygiene are top priorities at this playground. “We know that safety is crucial for parents with young children so we’ve made sure that from design to equipment – everything in this playground has been constructed to meet European safety standards. We adhere to strict safety guidelines to make sure that children can have fun and parents can have peace of mind. Our staff are also all properly trained to guide and supervise the children while they’re at play.” In terms of hygiene, “This is another important factor to parents, so our cleaning staff are in every morning a few hours before opening to thoroughly sanitise all play areas and surfaces. Additionally, we use Medix Air- an effective system for air sterilisation used in hospitals, which helps to keep the environment germ-free.”


Fun Blocks Indoor Interactive Playground is certainly fully equipped for school outings; it can accommodate birthday parties of up to 200 children; but best of all, this is the ideal place for parents and kids to spend two fun-filled hours together – away from the distractions of the television or iPad. Children under ten years of age will love climbing, sliding, flying an aeroplane and playing the interactive I-Play games! And afterwards, everyone can sit and enjoy a yummy treat and thirst quenching drink from Patisserie. If you haven’t been to Fun Blocks Indoor Interactive Playground as yet take your kids down there today and give them a fun, learning experience that they’ll never forget!

For More Information:-
Phone: +673 245 1954
Facebook: Funblocks Playground Brunei
Instagram: funblocksbrunei
Address: 3rd Floor, Hua Ho Manggis Mall, Jalan Muara BC3615, Negara Brunei Darussalam

Opening time:-
Monday–Thursday: 12pm – 8pm
Friday: 10am – 12pm, 2pm – 8pm
Saturday & Sunday: 10am – 8pm

This article was published in the December 2016 issue of Inspire Living Magazine. Download it here!