Make Your Wedding Day Unbelievable

Meet two ladies with nerves of steel whose job is to make sure that your wedding day is the happiest day of your life!

Wendy Chin (left), Wendy Ng (right) // Photography by Riley Khoo, Makeup & Hairdo by EaHui Make-up Artistry

Weddings are certainly joyful occasions, but planning a wedding can prove to be challenging for even the most organised bride-to-be and groom. Yes, you can choose to do it alone and deal with the endless details – from the dress, the venue, the cake, the decorations and the guest favours – to also managing the many expectations of all of your friends and family members. But alternatively, you could opt to hire the services of an experienced wedding coordinator and decorator who will take care of all the details and make sure that your special day turns out to be stress free and perfect. To help you better understand how these experts can help you with your dream wedding, we’ve enlisted the help of Wedding Co-ordinator, Wendy Ng, who owns Chatterads Advertising Company, partner of Potzz and Petalz Enterprise and Event Stylist, Wendy Chin, who owns Ambience, a company that is involved in venue decorations, wedding planning and event management.



Photo courtesy of Ambience

So where does a bride begin planning? With so many ideas, recommendations and changing trends, many brides are left completely confused. Enter Wendy Ng, a seasoned, well-connected wedding coordinator cum venue decorator who can relieve considerable stress and save time and money by guiding you through the wedding process. She studied business and has experience working in the fields of construction, marketing, advertising and event management; and has also organised Wedding Expos. This is a lady who wears many hats and plays the role of negotiator, money manager, logistic specialist, venue decorator and all-round advisor. So what can couples expect when they engage a Wedding Coordinator? Wendy Ng explained, “When it comes to planning and coordinating a wedding many people don’t realise how time consuming it is and how many details and arrangements have to be made before the day of the celebration. A wedding coordinator can give the couple advice on everything from organising the right venues, entertainment, florists, wedding cake, lighting and sound system to arranging for the photographers, videographers, makeup artists, wedding favours and any other wedding necessities for guests. Couples can engage their services from start to finish or just for the day to liaise with all the parties to ensure that everything runs smoothly.” She further explained that, “It is very important for couples to have an idea of their budget so that they can get the most creative wedding decoration ideas to make their day unique, without overspending. Sometimes couples have a definite idea about the themes, colour or styles of décor that they want, however, if they are not sure, as a coordinator I am always happy to share ideas with them and to work with them until they find something that is ideal.” Another advantage of hiring a coordinator is that they have access to many professionals and vendors and can make sure that you get exactly what you want at the best price. However, as Wendy Ng said, “Couples must be able to trust their wedding coordinator will do what’s best for them. A wedding day is the most important days in a person’s life and I believe that it is my job as a wedding coordinator to make sure everything goes according to plan, immediately address any on-site last minute issues and allow the newlyweds to enjoy every moment!”


Photo courtesy of Potzz & Petalz

And believe it or not our next wedding expert, Wendy Chin surprised us when she revealed that she’s a Quantity Surveyor who started doing decorations eight years ago for friends and relatives part-time and realised that she had a natural flair and passion for it. She has received plenty of compliments and gained the trust of her clients and has since expanded her business. She started Ambience in 2013 and now does decorations for wedding, birthdays, anniversaries and corporate events. She is absolutely passionate about arts and crafts and her goal is to always “go the extra mile for each and every client to create magical moments to cherish.” When asked about her advice for couples who would like to engage a professional to handle their wedding decorations, Wendy Chin explained, “I believe that in order for couples to choose the perfect type of decorations for their wedding, the decorator has to spend time getting to know them so that they understand their personality. It’s not always necessary to go with trends. It’s more important to customise the décor to suit individual tastes and style. The role of the wedding planner is to harmonise all aspects of the wedding. Planners always need to be thinking ahead of the game and they need to foresee possible problems and have ready solutions so that couples can have a stress free day.” Experienced planners and event stylists like Wendy Chin are patient and calm and understand the importance of time management and most importantly integrity; Wendy Chin not only has the touch on the art and design, she also has the technical knowledge and is very hands-on with logistics and installations – so is able to handle any type or size of wedding. Wendy Chin emphasised that its not just about ideas but how to execute the ideas to make it happen for her clients.

These ladies have spent years putting together fabulous celebrations for weddings and corporate events and it will be worth your while to consider calling in professional reinforcements for your big day.

Wendy Chin
Ambience Wedding Planner & Event Mgmt
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Wendy Ng
Chatterads Advertising Company | Potzz and Petalz Enterprise
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This article was published in the November 2016 issue of Inspire Living Magazine. Download it here!