Kitchen Appliances: Juicers


In Brunei it can often be difficult get pure, fresh juices. Most drinks tend to be laden with sugars and additives which can have adverse health effects. One simple way to get 100% pure, nutritious juice is to make your own. Over the past few years juicing has become very popular with health fanatics, but it has been proven that there are many health benefits to be gained from juicing, so why shouldn’t everyone have access to it?


So what’s it all about?  Drinking juice is an enjoyable way to get your 5 a day. But if you don’t really like eating veggies then it’s easy to blend the flavor of carrots or romaine hearts in with favorites like apples and oranges. Refreshingly delicious but more importantly, your body will be getting essential nutrients. Did you know that fresh juice allows your body to absorb about 4 times more nutrition 12 times faster than eating whole fruits? This means that only 17% of nutrients and enzymes are absorbed by your body when you eat raw fruits and vegetables but this number skyrockets to 67% when you drink juice extracted by a Slow Juicer. These nutrients will increase your energy levels and are essential to regenerate cells in your body.

But with so many juicers on the market it’s difficult to know which one to choose. Traditional juicers work by finely blending the food to extract the juice. This method is now outdated and ineffective. The Kuvings Slow Juicer offers a top-quality design that is quieter, more effective, produces less waste, and is easy to disassemble and assemble for cleaning.

The newest model, the NS-621 improved upon older models of slow juicers. It has a wider mouth which allows you to place whole fruits and vegetables into it, which means that they are not left vulnerable to oxidization.

However, the Kuvings Slow Juicer is not just limited to juice. Unlike traditional juicers this model is able to process materials like seed oil and wheat grass which are very popular nutritional supplements that can be added to your juice. If you want something a bit different, then this model can also be used to make creamy, delicious smoothies and frozen treats!

With so many reasons to use it, the Kuvings Slow Juicer is sure to become a valued part of your life. At the end of the day, you need to remember that fresh juices are liquid superfoods that are rich in nutrition – it’s a great way to start your day!

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