Kitchen Appliances: Coffee Machines


Every day millions of people around the world wake up looking forward to their first cup of coffee! In fact, it is estimated that 2.25 billion cups of coffee are consumed daily worldwide. The enticing aroma, the rich taste and the sense of feeling refreshed after a cup of coffee brings great pleasure to us no matter where we are or what we are doing. From a simple cup of black coffee to a creamy cappuccino, each person has their own favourite way of indulging in this caffeinated wonder-drink. Here are a few coffee machines that will help you make that perfect cup of coffee!

The Home Barista
There are many automatic machines that come in different shapes and sizes; and with various capabilities. Remember, no matter what machine you are using, ground coffee begins to go stale within minutes, so for the best flavour, you should only grind beans as you need them. Super-automatic machines will do it all for you – they grind, express and froth the milk however, a semi-automatic machine will have a steam stick and you will have to buy a grinder separately. Your choice of machine should depend on budget, available counter space and how often you will use the machine.

Coffee lovers on the move
When you have to drop kids to school and you have to get to the office on time, convenience is important. Pod coffee machines are the best when it comes to convenience and their popularity proves this.

These machines are affordable, easy to clean and you have a selection of all your favourite coffee blends. But do remember that these machines are sponsored by a specific brand, so you may only be able to use one type of pod in your machine. But this machine is ideal for a quick cup and people who own them rave about them!

For those who are more traditional
The best way to make a traditional Italian espresso is by using a three- chambered, stainless steel, stove- top coffee maker with your favourite Italian blend. The way these machines work is through the pressure that builds up as the water boils in the bottom chamber. The water is pushed up through the middle where the ground coffee is stored and into the top chamber where your brew will be bubbling away and giving off a delicious aroma. When it comes to these machines, quality is of utmost importance so spend a bit more to make sure that you get the best tasting coffee.

Lavazza EP 951 Dosata

A minimalist, modern design for a compact, streamlined machine. With its elegant, soft lines and refined, exclusive design, the Lavazza Espresso Point EP 951 Dosata easy cleaning and maintenance make it extremely practical to use thanks to the pre-set coffee doser, is ideal for small office.

JURA-Capresso Impressa F9

Impressa F9 Fully Automatic Coffee and Expresso Center with Stainless Steel ThermoBlock Heating System, Dual Frother PLUS, CLARIS Water Care System, Sensor Touch Control, Coffee Brewing Illumination, LED Display and More.

This article was published in the April 2015 issue of Inspire Living Magazine. Download it here!