Homes of the Future


Our homes today are smarter than they’ve ever been before, and they’re only going to get smarter. With products from companies such as Nest and SmartThings — which make intuitive, web-enabled gadgets that adjust themselves — we’re getting closer to a day where our homes do more for us than just give us a place to sleep at night. With an increasing number of companies committed to developing network connected devices and others working on home automation tools – our homes will undoubtedly be going through some major changes in the next decade.

Here are a few trends that you can expect to see in more homes in the future.

House-Wide Sensors will allow you to totally automate your home. By using tiny sensors in light switches, door and windows homeowners could easily monitor and control doors, televisions and other appliances.

Wi-Fi Light Bulbs will let you control your home lighting using an iPhone. These bulbs will let you use your iPhone to turn your lighting on and off.

One Operating System will be able to control everything in your house via your smart phone or PC. For example you could program the system so that whenever the door is opened, the lights automatically turn on.

Smart Refrigerators and Ovens. You will be able to shop online from your fridge; scan your groceries into the system to track them as they get old and receive recipe suggestions based on what is in your fridge. You will be able to pre-heat your oven from anywhere. From your smart oven you will be able to select the perfect recipe from the oven’s data base using the accompanying smart phone app. – and this will allow the oven to pre-heat to the correct temperature.

Lighting will take on a new dimension as you will be able to control the actual colour of your lights from your IOS device – and change the settings to create the right mood.

Superior Security Cameras. Researchers at Carnegie Mellon are working on developing a camera that not only records what people are doing, but can anticipate what people are about to do, like break into your house.

Brainy Beds will know when you get up and immediately turn on the coffee machine.

Smart Thermostats will learn your schedule and program itself to help you save energy.

Personal Robots will be at your Service.  A company has already developed a prototype called “Mobi” that will serve as your personal assistant. Mobi stands on a large ball and can secure a tablet on top for doing things like facilitating conversations via Skype.

This article was published in the January 2015 issue of Inspire Living Magazine. Download it here!