Kids Advice: Sleeping Solution

Sensible Sleeping Solutions for your Children

Children need a good bed simply because a good night’s sleep is important if they are to continue to grow in a healthy way. A bed is also much more than just somewhere to sleep for a child, it can also be the centre of a world of imagination and fun.

Bunk beds are always a favourite choice and they can provide a very practical solution to space problems. If you are thinking of buying a set of bunk beds built in safety features are important. You will need a good solid set of railings on the side of the top bunk to stop children from accidentally rolling off their bed. And a safety ladder is another crucial feature. It’s advisable that you also look for bunk beds that can be separated into two single beds for maximum flexibility – so that when the children get older they will still be practical.

Loft beds are also a great way to save space. By raising a single bed up high you can use the space underneath for storage. Storage cabinets can easily be fitted in or the space can be used for sofas and desks – creating quiet, cosy areas for reading and study. Cabin beds are similar to loft beds but they are designed for younger children so they are not so high. They can create a very attractive bedroom environment and offer similar space saving opportunities, but the disadvantage is that your child will grow out of a cabin bed quite quickly so they can prove to be an expensive solution.

Trundle beds are available in contemporary and traditional styles. With this type of bed, one twin bed unit pulls out from underneath another to easily accommodate a friend for a sleepover. These beds roll back in when not needed.

The captain’s bed is similar to the trundle bed, it is a twin bed with storage drawers underneath all on the same frame and has high sides to prevent the sleeper from accidentally “falling overboard”.

An ideal solution for a very young child moving from a cot to a proper bed is a junior bed or a starter bed. These beds are available in bright and imaginative styles which can make the transition fun for the child. Beds shaped like fire trucks or pirate ships are great for young boys while princess four posters will suit many young girls.

However, for a regular, affordable child’s bed a single bed or divan bed is perfect. The initial purchase costs will be quite low and selecting a suitable size means you can avoid having to replace the bed as your little one grows.

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This article was published in the February 2016 issue of Inspire Living Magazine. Download it here!