Authentic Touch


Photography by Riley Khoo

This home draws inspiration different countries to create a truly remarkable and individual space.

The interior of this home has its own distinctive style that’s both nurturing and inviting. Simple spaces and unique furnishings are treated with verve through texture, accents and colour. The home is a study in well-designed exuberance to meet the style appeal of the family who lives here. The couple who have three young adult children have travelled to many countries and their home reflects an appreciation for beautiful pieces that are unique. With a strong sense of personal style and a discerning artful eye, the homemakers have succeeded in creating a truly elegant and comfortable home.

This family has only lived in Brunei for a short time, yet their home feels more like one which they’ve already shared for many years. The sense of homeliness and attention to decorative detail is evident from the moment you enter the living areas. Sudan, Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Turkey and Malaysia – these countries have all been a source of inspiration for these homemakers.


Intricately woven carpets from Turkey, Pakistan and Azerbaijan adorn the floors while exquisite lamps and antique chairs sit gracefully around the living room. Brass and ceramic pieces collected from the Middle East and Asia add exotic appeal to the spaces. The walls are decked with eye-catching contemporary style artwork which have been done by both father and daughter. The wife and mother proudly explained that her husband enjoys painting as a hobby and over the years has produced many strikingly interesting pieces. One of her daughters has followed in his footsteps and evidence of her talent can be seen throughout the home. The wife also has a very keen interest in interior decorating with a sensibility that gravitates towards classic silhouettes and timeless pieces paired with a touch of glamour – this can be seen in her excellent choice of furnishings throughout the home.

Antique furniture adds depth and originality to the living areas of this home. The wife told us that she is passionate about antiques and takes great pleasure in finding exquisite lamps and various distinctive pieces – like the gramophone and old fashioned phone which she bought in Khartoum. We were told that the two brown leather chairs in the living room are in fact over one hundred years old. She told us that she loves to scour markets, garage sales and auctions to find interesting furniture and accessories for her home. One of her favourite places to shop is The Grand Bazaar in Istanbul. As one of the largest covered markets in the world with 60 streets and 5,000 shops – this bazaar is like a treasure trove for homemakers like her who know their personal style and have a discerning eye for unusually beautiful objects.


Flowing through this entire home is a continual simple elegance. The bedrooms boast well-chosen artwork, carpets and accessories which all combine to create dream sanctuaries. Lighting is another very important aspect of this home décor and the husband makes sure that the right lighting is used to create the perfect ambiance in each room.

This home is one of a kind because these homemakers know that the key to creating a comfortable home is about personalising the space. They have successfully done this and now have a home that is welcoming, interesting and most of all, a place where their family can enjoy creating more happy enduring memories.

This article was published in the March 2016 issue of Inspire Living Magazine. Download it here!