Ner Dee Café


NER DEE Café is Brunei’s first board game café and it is an absolute haven for those who are passionate about games! Before opening this new café the two enterprising young owners Bernard Lau and Diana Choo Tze Ling spent a great deal of time travelling around the world, exploring the idea and trying to fully understand how this concept could be beneficial to Bruneians in a positive way. Bernard explained, “We decided that we want people to come to NER DEE to reconnect. When they walk into our café we want them to forget about technology and social media for a few hours – and to rediscover how much fun board games are. We want our customers to use the games to strategise, co-operate, talk and laugh!” With shelves full of hundreds of games from London, Hong Kong, Singapore and Manila, families and friends are sure to find something to get excited about.

What’s also unique about this café, is Bernard and Diana’s commitment to highlighting and promoting the best of local talent. The trendy industrial style décor throughout the café is simple and unpretentious and works well with the utilitarian furnishings. Bernard explained that all of the gaming tables were locally sourced and made. He also added that their intention is to feature the work of various local artists on a dedicated art wall; and to support local vendors who are working hard to make life better for Bruneians. NER DEE Café is unassumingly chic and comfortable – it’s the perfect place for relaxing and enjoying hours of gaming fun. Diana added that both she and Bernard are in this business for the long term and are very optimistic about the future – “We are giving 100% to this project because we believe in the potential of Brunei and we would like to do our part to make this a better place.”

Photography by Riley Khoo

Besides having a team of experienced, knowledgeable, and friendly game hosts to help customers select from their library of games, NER DEE Café will also be serving high quality food and snacks. Bernard is a graduate in Culinary Arts from Singapore and has also worked as a chef at the Hyatt Hotel in Singapore. He brings a wealth of experience to the NER DEE kitchen and plans on featuring a variety of healthy and delicious food on the menu. Bernard explained that as far as possible, he intends to use local ingredients in his dishes and will be using a method cooking called Sous Vide, “Cooking sous vide means that you seal the ingredients in a plastic bag and place them in a water bath, a combi oven, or any other cooker that can set and hold a target temperature to within a degree or two. When the food reaches your target temperature or time, you take it out, give it a quick sear or other finish, and serve it. The food is more flavourful, healthier and the results are consistent.”

One thing’s for sure, with Diana’s meticulous attention to detail and Bernard’s exuberance – this café will certainly be raising the bar in this type of business. The NER DEE owners are also keen to do collaborative projects with interested youth and community groups in the future – after all, gaming is about getting people together to interact in a meaningful way in order to win!

NER DEE Café is located at:
1st Floor, Unit F11, Setia Kenangan 2, Kiulap.
Contact: +673 721 4977.

This article was published in the January 2016 issue of Inspire Living Magazine. Download it here!