The Perfect Balance


A home is so much more than walls and a roof, depending on its design it can create a nourishing environment that also contributes to the wellbeing of its residents. This is the type of home that these home owners have created for their young family. Eight years ago the couple who are both young professionals with very demanding jobs and two children, aged fourteen and eight, had a vision of building this family home from scratch. They knew what they wanted – so they set out on a mission to build a home that was modern, spacious, stylish, comfortable but most of all, a place that would be a sanctuary for everyone in the family.


Photography by Riley Khoo

Having travelled with her family regionally and internationally, the wife explained that she’d also spent three years in Australia completing her PhD and that she really liked the contemporary designs of Australian homes. She told us that both she and her husband were involved with the designing of their home and revealed her preference for the minimalist style of decorating. She added that their aim was to create a home that was uncluttered, functional but also cosy.



This spacious home has three bedrooms upstairs, two downstairs, six bathrooms, a wet and dry kitchen and a lovely garden area. The light coloured blinds and floor tiles throughout the downstairs area work to highlight the deep chocolate brown furniture. We were told that all of the furniture in the home had been purchased locally, with quality and durability in mind. The high ceilings display a fabulous selection of eye catching light fixtures and the floor to ceiling windows allow light to pour into the living spaces from every angle highlighting the simple elegance of the interior and the beautiful furnishings. The dry kitchen which overlooks the garden is modern in style and well laid out with lots of storage and counter space. An impressive piece of artwork from Egypt; a picture of the iconic Sydney harbour; and a stunning family portrait adorn the walls; these, together with a few smaller accessories purchased in Australia add the perfect finishing touches to the rooms.



Chatting with the hospitable homeowner over a lovely cup of tea and a few delicious macaroons she said, “Home is a place that everyone should be eager to go to, to spend time in; it’s a place where my children should want to bring their friends to.” And we could easily see how this home would provide the family with the perfect place for relaxation and rejuvenation – giving them a sense of wonderful joy and contentment.

This article was published in the December 2015 issue of Inspire Living Magazine. Download it here!