Springfree Trampolines


In today’s hectic society, many parents spend a great deal of time at work; and kids spend hours inside playing video games or on computers and cell phones. It is often difficult to find activities that everyone will have time for; and that will engage the interest of the entire family. Trampolines are the perfect solution to this problem. With a trampoline quality time can be spent with your family every day of the year, in your own backyard.

More importantly, there are numerous benefits to owning a trampoline. Not only does a trampoline encourage fun bonding time with friends and family, it can also be a source of exercise to improve your health. It’s been proven that trampolines can help build stamina, strengthen your cardiovascular system, improve muscle control, and improve coordination. Trampolines make children excited about playing outside and can help improve their balance, agility, rhythm, and timing skills. And what’s more, there is no age limit for using these jumping machines. Whether you are 3 years old or 60 years old, a trampoline can be a good source for fun and exercise for all family members.

Safety is the number one priority to consider when choosing a trampoline for your family. It is agreed upon by most consumers, critics and experts that the Springfree trampoline is the safest trampoline on the market today. It took Dr. Keith Alexander 15 years to invent the world’s safest trampoline.Through research and development, he reengineered its design to eliminate the impact points that are the cause of most trampoline injuries. Springfree designed a revolutionary model that does exactly what its name claims: it is completely, 100% spring-free. The springs of a traditional trampoline are the number one cause for trampoline-related injuries and Springfree’s springless patented design eliminates this risk. For this reason alone, it is believed to be the safest trampoline.

Quality is at the heart of Springfree trampolines. They are manufactured in a specific facility where a team of skilled craftspeople meticulously inspect and sign-off every step of the process. This means that, from the frame to the enclosure net, every component meets the strictest of Springfree quality benchmarks.

• The FlexiNet enclosure is made from a special soft-touch knit that is resistant to tearing and doesn’t fray or run, it’s UV tested to twice the industry standard so that it can withstand even the harshest sun.

• Springfree mat rods and net rods are a special recipe formulation that’s three times stronger than steel. They are made from the same super-strong material as Boeing’s newest airplanes and the mat rods are tested to withstand millions of bounce cycles.

• Springfree frames have three layers of rust-protection that won’t flake or peel! Three times thicker than other trampolines, Springfree frames are load tested to 500kg (1100 lb). Every frame is individually inspected for quality before being released by the factory.

• The Springfree mat is made of super tough geo-textile construction fabric and will hold 700kg (1540 lb) of static weight. The SoftEdge™ design means that the impact protection won’t deteriorate and will continue to absorb 30 times more impact than padding. Tested to withstand more than 5,000 hours of harsh sun exposure.

Springfree Trampoline has earned multiple international awards for its design and innovation. Available in over 15 countries worldwide you can now purchase your Springfree Trampoline from Icarus Sdn. Bhd. in Brunei, a company that is renowned for supplying internationally recognised quality products.

This article was published in the December 2015 issue of Inspire Living Magazine. Download it here!