Reasons to Choose a Package Holiday


A few years ago it seemed as though package holidays had fallen out of fashion. This occurred mainly because the internet made it easier and more fun to book travel arrangements independently, making the role of the tour operator seem less relevant. However, in recent times the world has also become more unstable and uncertain, and, in our rush to be independent travellers, many of us may have forgotten the many great advantages of booking a package holiday. Nowadays you can find numerous deals for package holidays from most respected tour operators, giving you the chance to visit some of the world’s most popular destinations in the world.

1/ Stress-free Planning

Finding and booking a holiday can be a highly stressful experience for travellers. Tour operators will save you hassle and time by doing all of the work for you. They will search for flights, accommodation and other services to suit your budget. What’s more, these companies offer a highly detailed service, allowing you to rank offers in terms of price, star rating or travel time. Every aspect of your holiday including hiring a car, arranging transfers or booking excursions – can be taken care of as part of a package.

2/ Surprising Savings

It’s a common misconception that DIY holidays are always cheaper. Tour operators tend to pass on the savings that result from them being able to negotiate better rates with hotels. For long-haul trips, you may also find that packaging flights and accommodation together usually works out cheaper than booking the elements separately for yourself. Tour operators can also get discounts on events, ticket prices, and other venues that you might pay a lot of money for. The next time you’re planning a holiday, compare the rates of an operator to planning the trip independently. You might be amazed by the savings you can take advantage of when you choose the right company for your package holiday.

3/ Peace of Mind & Security

Another big benefit of a package holiday is the security it provides in the case of things going wrong. If things change for any reason as has happened recently in Europe, people on packages, can turn to their tour operator, who has a legal duty of care to make sure they are safe, help them resolve problems and make any necessary refunds. Generally speaking, you have far more rights and protection if you book a package rather than travel independently.

4/ Endless Options

Some people may still be under the illusion that buying a package holiday means a restricted choice when it comes to destinations and accommodation. From China through to Caribbean locations, there certainly isn’t a limited choice when it comes to picking a package holiday destination. The packages also usually cater for all budgets, from the top of the range 5-star resorts through to budget-friendly self-catering apartments so you’re sure to find something suitable.

5/ Worthwhile Connections

With this type of tour, it’s easy to meet individuals and groups that share your interests. This common bond can help form long-term friendships that can benefit business owners in the end. You may be lucky enough to have a new idea and find a new partner for a lucrative business venture during a tour!

This article was published in the December 2015 issue of Inspire Living Magazine. Download it here!