Getting Travel Insurance

Why it’s worth getting travel insurance for your next trip.

Many people spend a great deal of time planning the perfect vacation but they often ignore the importance of getting a good travel insurance policy. The main benefit of travel insurance is knowing that if something goes wrong while you’re abroad on holidays, you won’t be responsible for finding the money to put it right, at a time when you are already stressed out. So whether it’s your trip, your possessions, your luggage, or your health – the right kind of travel insurance — has become an essential item to pack for smart travellers.  Although travel insurance cannot help people avoid misfortunes during their travels, it offers consolation in the form of financial compensation, which can be very useful in certain situations.

Travel insurance provides a wide range of benefits for travellers. Firstly, there’s travel insurance for medical emergencies like accidents or illness. This type of coverage is very useful if you plan on traveling to countries where the cost of medical bills can reach tens of thousands of dollars or if you have an ongoing illness that might require medical attention at some point during the trip. In case of an accident or emergency, these policies will reimburse you for the cost of doctor visits, medication, and sometimes even medical evacuation out of the country. But always remember to check with your insurance provider regarding the details, as travel health coverage policies vary widely.

Secondly, another important benefit of travel insurance is that it provides protection against trip cancellation and interruption. Most of these policies cover cancellations due to weather, sudden illness, death and other emergencies like missed connections. For instance, if an emergency arises before or during a vacation, like the unexpected death of a loved one, you may have to cancel or cut short your trip. If you don’t have travel insurance you could possibly lose a substantial amount of money that you’ve already paid for the trip. But if you do have travel insurance, it will ensure that you get compensation for losses that result from this type of trip cancellation or interruption. (Not all insurance policies cover cancellation, so do read the policy carefully).

Finally, a travel insurance policy does not only ensure that you will get coverage for unforeseen losses like lost or stolen luggage; it also allows you to benefit from a number of services that can be invaluable during times of emergency. Most travel insurance companies offer travel assistance and 24-hour emergency services to help their customers deal with unfortunate and stressful situations during their vacations. For example if you lose your travel documents and need assistance or if you need help finding a pharmacy or rebooking a flight – many insurance companies will be only too happy to help. They will offer the best advice or contact local emergency services to help you solve your problems as fast as possible.

So when you’re booking your next flight or cruise, do not forget that disasters can and often do still happen to ordinary people while they travel. For peace of mind for you and your family, be sure you have an adequate travel insurance policy before you leave home.

This article was published in the November 2015 issue of Inspire Living Magazine. Download it here!