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super5“Reach for the stars!” is written in bold, colourful letters on the walls of this learning centre. This is because Tricia Chiam, Program Consultant at Superkids Learning Tuition in Serusop, passionately believes that ALL kids are smart! She explained, “Many children struggle to write as they don’t know what to write and how to write. This is because children either do not know how to read or they have no interest in reading which is crucial to the writing process. At our centre we offer Victoria Carlton’s literacy program in which we teach phonics that will help children to sound the letter, understand blending and eventually become able to read. We read to the children in every lesson and expose them to a range of non-fiction and fiction books. This will gradually help children to read and increase their vocabulary that will inspire them to write. Consequently, children will be better writers and develop a love for reading which will make them lifelong learners.” Tricia understands this only too well as she specialises in the field of Education. She has her Masters of Education from Perth, Australia and has been teaching in Brunei for the past 10 years.

Superkids Learning Tuition opened its doors in March of this year and is the only authorised licensee for the renowned VICTORIA CARLTON LITERACY PROGRAMME in Brunei. This exclusive programme is based on 30 years of research and practical application and was created by Victoria Carlton, a globally respected educator and writer who is fondly known as the “Child Whisperer.” It incorporates the JOLLY Phonics and Grammar programmes together with her own CREAM teaching method. At Superkids the programme is structured in three stages, each lasting for 40 weeks. Assessments are given at the end of each learning stage and children are then offered specific assistance in any areas of weakness, as well as extension and challenge in areas of strength. Tricia explained, “By the end of Stage 3 children should be able to independently read and write simple sentences and some may even be doing some grammar.” However she stressed, “In order for children to get the full benefit of this programme it is crucial that parents bring their children to all of the sessions.”


Tricia’s staff members are qualified and also have years of experience in teaching children. And they have also been trained in using the Victoria Carlton Programme. Together the team are committed to helping children to reach their full academic potential. It is their belief that all students need to feel secure, happy and confident to learn well, so they try hard to increase self-esteem. This high-quality educational programme has been designed to engage and enthuse children and to make them WANT to learn! Tricia further explained that another invaluable advantage of this specific programme is that, “If I think that a child has a learning disability I have direct access to Victoria. I can consult with her and ask for advice on specific teaching methods for these children.” When asked about her view on books in this age of technology, Tricia said that she strongly believes in going Back to Basics. She explained, “Even though we live in a digital age where children are able to use devices like iPads from an early age, I still use flash cards and encourage children to do activities like puzzle building which improves their fine motor skills. And I also encourage them to read not only on their devices, but to choose books from our fiction and non-fiction series. This will help them to expand their vocabulary and to improve their knowledge of sight words.”

If you have been searching for quality tuition for your children to help them to reach their full academic potential, visit Tricia and her team at Superkids Learning Tuition in Serusop and find out more about the Victoria Carlton Literacy Programme.

This article was published in the October 2015 issue of Inspire Living Magazine. Download it here!