Bake Culture Brunei


Unless you visit Bake Culture first thing in the morning, chances are, you will go home disappointed because most of the bread might be sold out before you have a chance to even consider what to pick up from the shelves.

Brunei has not experienced such a phenomenon in the baking industry, let alone retail frontier before. The people behind Bake Culture require no introduction. By now, most of you would know that this new bakery belongs to Brunei’s international pop star, Wu Chun in partnership with two of his high profile celebrity friends –Vanness Wu from the Taiwanese sensation, F4, Wu’s former group mate, Calvin Chen of Fahrenheit; as well as Brunei’s rising entrepreneur Nicky Wong together with other partners from Wu’s close circle.

Photography by Badi Lattif

Not discounting the power of celebrity endorsement, what makes the bakery stand out in our opinion, are three distinctive factors: Quality bread, Story and Passion.

And as members of the media, we had the privilege of tasting some of the bread and pastries a day before the public. Our verdict? Excellent variety and consistent quality across the range.

There are 200 varieties of baked goods inspired by bakeries from around the world, and various types will be available on different days throughout the week. Our team’s favourite? Ichigo Pudding (Japan), Brioche Beuralia (France), Polo Pau (Hong Kong) just to name a few.


The secret ingredients?

Award winning Premium Lactic French butter air flown all the way from France – a rare commodity in Asia. The bakery will also be introducing French Low Ash Flour upon receiving approval from the local authorities, a key ingredient widely used by Paul’s Bakery one of the top French bakery chains in the world. Both of which give the bread and pastries a soft texture on the inside, a crispy crust and a taste that leaves you wanting for more.

Of course, none of the ingredients or star power would be complete, let alone, sustainable without an experienced team of bakers. Bake Culture is headed by part owner, Chef Yves Chiu, the President of Baker Association of Taiwan with over 30 years of industry experience and their award winning bakers.

The origination of Bake Culture comes from a simple concept: as an avid bread connoisseur and a world traveller, Wu Chun wants to bring some of his experience closer to home. In March this year Wu Chun and team started the first concept store in Taiwan. Today, he has turned the idea into a reality and has brought the passion back home with plans to expand internationally, according to close sources.

Calvin Chen, Wu Chun and Vaness Wu. The three celebrity partner of Bake Culture.

According to Wu Chun,
A visit to Bake Culture will feel like a trip to a museum because this is a place where customers can learn about the origin and background of different types of bread. And the bread? It is just the entrance fee to the world of pastry culture which customers could experience with their taste buds

This article was published in the September 2015 issue of Inspire Living Magazine. Download it here!