Anjung Layar Lancar


Photography by Riley Khoo

The successful husband and wife team who have made the name Nur Wanita synonymous with fine Thai and Malaysian cuisine have now opened a new restaurant at Serasa Beach called Anjung Layar Luncur.

This restaurant is set to redefine your dining experience by appealing to your senses. Get ready to explore the depth and diversity of the wonderfully rich, pungent, fragrant and vibrant Thai cuisine in a breathtaking seaside setting.


Scintillating Sights
The restaurant is designed to replicate the home of Brunei’s affluent as it was one hundred years ago. Finely finished wooden panels cover the building giving it a sense of homeliness and warmth. The Thai theme well known in Nur Wanita restaurants is integrated throughout the décor and includes the grand gold padi display, an icon in Thailand and a symbol of prosperity in Brunei. Anjung Layar Luncur’s clincher is undoubtedly its location. You can relax and enjoy your meals on the cool, spacious veranda while your eyes drink in the soothing views of the serene sea. Or if you prefer, you can dine indoors and still enjoy the magnificent backdrop of the sea, clear blue skies, and Brunei’s paddlepop sunsets. As he showed us around the grounds the owner admitted, “I always envisioned this restaurant to be like this”.


Tantalising Tastes
Not only is the setting sensational but at Anjung Layar Luncur you can expect to enjoy genuine Thai food prepared by chefs from Chiang Mai. The restaurant prides itself in serving quality food with the owners personally sourcing all ingredients to ensure freshness and superior taste. It’s also worth mentioning that the chili used in the dishes are organically grown by the owners in their humble kampong, Lumapas; and these add a distinctive fiery flavour to the food. Be sure to try the signature dishes like Tendon Soup, Hor Mok, Pandan Chicken, and Deep Fried Kangkong – each dish is aesthetically appealing and also a real pleasure to eat. In fact the owners said that the Tendon Soup will “corrupt your taste buds because the taste is just so rich!” Customers can also look forward to sampling new additions of Western comfort food on the menu.

Anjung Layar Luncur is certainly a breath of fresh air in the myriad of Brunei’s food and beverage outlets. It combines the owner’s love for food with their passion for windsurfing and continues the legacy of Brunei’s Wind Surfing Association which was founded on the same grounds in 1985. The owner of Anjung Layar Luncur said that it gives him “an immense pleasure to serve the community” through this new restaurant. And we say that with these dedicated owners and this type of sensational food – you will remember every moment of dining here.


This article was published in the August 2015 issue of Inspire Living Magazine. Download it here!