Saffron Cafe


If cooking good food is the most important quality a restaurant should strive for, having a genuine character of its own should come second. At Saffron Cafe in Kiulap they have managed to do both. The owner, Faridah Yussof has poured her heart and soul into creating a different type of cafe. At Saffron you will find an extensive selection of fresh, delicious dishes served up in a contemporary, elegant dining area that has subtle hints of Middle Eastern décor.

Inviting and cosy, a luxurious deep purple forms the backdrop and gives this restaurant an aura of sophistication. The décor is further enhanced by details like the eye catching Turkish chandelier which was custom made in Istanbul and adorns the ceiling like a beautiful jewel. As well as this, elements like gold framed mirrors, photos of Middle Eastern architecture and various Turkish coffee pots and other small ornaments – all combine effortlessly to create an exotic ambiance that beckons customers to stay and savour the food.


Photography by Riley Khoo

And when it comes to the menu, Faridah aims for perfection. Over the years she has travelled throughout the world and has learnt authentic cooking techniques from locals in various countries. As an experienced cook and certified Wilton Cake Decorator, she uses the knowledge that she has acquired from around the world to train the chefs at Saffron so that the dishes are consistently prepared to a high standard.  What may also set this restaurant apart from others, is Faridah’s insistence on using the freshest herbs and vegetables (some of which she grows in her own garden) and selected aromatic spices – to create Middle Eastern and Asian dishes that are simply unforgettable. Her focus is truly on giving customers food that keeps them healthy and makes them happy.

Some of the dishes on their menu include falafel, mouth-watering chicken kebabs, tasty chicken tandoori, succulent lamb shank, sambal prawn goreng; and of course, no menu would be complete without a delectable choice of cakes and desserts. Whether you decide to dine in at Saffron Restaurant or take away – you can be sure that there is no compromising when it comes to quality, taste and service. This year you should definitely try their Ramadhan Buffet Special.


This article was published in the July 2015 issue of Inspire Living Magazine. Download it here!