Hollywood Regency

Do you like a touch of glitz and glamour in your home? Then you might fall in love with the Hollywood Regency style. Born from the movie-set design during the heydays of Hollywood; the golden age of filmmaking. The style remains fresh, using modern pieces with traditional and vintage flair added into the mix. Centred on entertaining, the style focuses on clean lines and small-scale furnishings that allows everyone in the room to stand out.


Hollywood doesn’t settle for second-best so why should you? Indulgent luxe fabrics are the order of the day. Choose textiles that are as great to touch as they are to see.


Stars of the stage and screen weren’t exactly known for their modesty. Mix mirrored panels, framed mirrors, furniture and décor so people can catch a glimpse of themselves every so often.


Forget neutrals, go for bold patterns. Be inspired by art deco, neoclassical motifs and geometric shapes.

This article was published in the June 2015 issue of Inspire Living Magazine. Download it here!