Global Luxe, Philippines

Makati Village, The Philippines.

Photography by Luca Invernizzi Tettoni

Whilst some opt for modern minimalist, this home eschews the Spartan for the sumptuous, clean lines for glitzy cutting edge. The Philippines’ Tatler Interiors annual has termed this a return to over-the-top, high-quality luxury as “Global Luxe” or “Vintage Glamour.”

This home in an upscale Makati village epitomises this style. Ceilings soar to maximum height, windows and curtain-glass walls light up the house, and adjustable dimmers set the (glamorous) moods. Indoors, the designer orchestrates his abode as an ultra electric showplace.

It has edgy modern furniture, elegant draperies, luxe fabrics, and shiny materials like Lucite, mirror, glass and chrome. In addition to this there’s a fabulous personal art collection: modern paintings, classic furniture, tabletop objects, and antiquity artifacts.


The dining room is no less showy: there’s tapestry wallpaper from Germany; a chandelier from Holland; five giant Maranao wooden drums outside the picture window; 14 Russian icons on a taupe wall; and 30-odd pottery jars mounted on Philippe Starck mirrors. The collections are designed to dazzle while you dine.


Vintage glamour inhabits the Hollywood-style bathroom. Walls and floors are dressed in onyx, the bathtub is in solid black granite, and Dutch chandeliers are in glitz stainless steel to symbolise the tumbleweed in Africa.


This article was published in the July 2015 issue of Inspire Living Magazine. Download it here!