CUCI (Cleaning Service)

Taking Pride in the Cleaning Profession.

Rachael Malai Ali, the owner of local cleaning company CUCI, is not afraid to get her hands dirty to make sure that your home or office is spotlessly clean.

Rachael Malai Ali

Say the name Rachael Malai Ali and most people think – stage, spotlights, action! But since November 2014 Rachel has been involved in a different type of business. One that involves dusting, vacuuming and mopping! Rachael is the proud owner and manager of a small cleaning company called “CUCI” (A word which means ‘clean’ in Malay). And she is working tirelessly to make sure that clients get professional cleaning services at a reasonable price.

The question is, why did this well-known writer and producer decide to go into the cleaning business? She explained, “I didn’t have a cleaner for a while and needed to find someone on a part time basis. This turned out to harder than I expected, so I realised that there must be other people like me who were also finding it difficult to get part-time cleaners. So I began to think – I enjoy cleaning so why don’t I do this as a job? I posted an advertisement on Bob What’s On and the enquiries started!” Rachael smiled as she admitted that leaving homes spotless and sparkling clean and seeing the look of satisfaction on her clients’ faces, makes her job worth doing.

And what makes CUCI different from other businesses of this type? Firstly, Rachael sees her employees not just as workers but as part of a small family, therefore there is a close bond between them. Secondly, this is one boss who is not afraid of getting her hands dirty. She is involved in cleaning everything from floors to toilets; and is on location to make sure that the job is done thoroughly and that it meets the client’s expectations.

Thirdly, Rachael is a stickler for detail, so she and her team will make sure that every nook and cranny is properly cleaned. And finally, being Bruneian and also having lived overseas for many years, means that Rachael has the advantage of being able to effectively communicate the client’s instructions in Malay to her local staff; and she knows and understands the cleaning expectations of both locals and foreigners.

Rachael revealed that one of CUCI’s main policies is to hire only local Bruneians. She proudly explained that this was her way of giving back to the community and of trying to empower people. Rachael strongly believes in giving people an opportunity to prove themselves. She is also determined to try and change the public’s perception of cleaning as being just a low level job. She wants people to respect those who choose to do manual work because what they do is of value to others. This hard working Mum even manages to sometimes get her sons involved with helping her to do the heavier jobs!

With Hari Raya just a couple of months away, if you are looking for a reliable cleaning service that you can trust to do the job right, call Rachael at CUCI. As this is quite a busy time, it would be advisable to book in advance to make sure that your home is spotlessly clean for the celebration!


This article was published in the June 2015 issue of Inspire Living Magazine. Download it here!