Living Spaces That Express Who You Are


Is your decorating style influenced by your unique personality traits? Your home definitely reflects who you are, so you should be using your personal strengths to create the best possible home environment through design. Knowing yourself and what you like can help you to decorate living spaces that will enhance your quality of life. Whether you like minimalist designs, eclectic décor or traditional style your home is your canvas – use colours, textures and forms to generate a feeling of comfort and contentment. To get you thinking we’ve highlighted a few decorating styles that make a statement about different personalities. See if you connect with any of these and don’t be afraid to steal some of these inspirational ideas! Here are four decorative styles that reflect different personalities and life stories.

Contemporary | Ambitious

“I thrive on challenge! I enjoy stimulating conversation with interesting people. Music? I love all kinds of music from salsa to Strauss! The one thing I don’t like is people who are close minded and judgemental. What are you crazy? There’s absolutely no way that I would go bungee jumping! Never!”


Rustic | Introspective

“Time flies by so quickly. I cried when he was born, now he is getting married and I am crying again, both times for joy! The only thing I regret is not being able to spend more time with him. I wish I’d been less busy then. But I must not look back.”


Eclectic | Risktaker

“I believe that anything is possible. Why? Because I’m the first one in my family to get a university degree, the first to travel to a different country, the first to own a house – and I will be the first to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro because I don’t give up.”


Modern French | Open-minded

“We were friends for six months in high school. Then he went to Japan and I went to the UK. We lost touch for five years. But then we found each other. That’s destiny.”

This article was published in the May 2015 issue of Inspire Living Magazine. Download it here!