Planning Your Financial Future

Because dreaming alone will not make you rich… Start planning your financial future, from now!

Many people make the mistake of thinking that wealth management is only for the rich. Wrong! Anyone who is seeking guidance in all areas of their finances, not just the investment aspect, will benefit from wealth management services.

Here’s an example:

Aiman is 25 years old and has a job in IT. When he gets paid at the end of the month he pays his bills and spends money on enjoying leisure activities with friends. By the middle of the month he’s already running out of cash. Usually he just manages to have enough to see him through to another pay day. But what would happen if an unexpected situation arose, like his car broke down and needed to be repaired? Would he have the funds to cover this expense? At this stage in his life Aiman could benefit from some sound advice on how to effectively manage his savings.

At Baiduri Bank we recognise that in life there will always be unexpected expenses to deal with and we know that young people, in particular need to understand the importance of having an emergency savings fund. Generally, the size of your fund should be approximately “three to six months of your monthly income.” This requires discipline and self-control as the whole point of an emergency savings fund is to be able to access financial assistance when you are in need. You will find that Baiduiri Bank offers convenient and easy ways to help you build your emergency savings fund:


By the age of 40, Aiman has accumulated assets and is now focused on his retirement goals, but he needs to know whether his current financial plan can meet these goals. This is a tricky period, as his finances are being pulled in many directions – planning for his children’s higher level education, supporting elderly parents, as well as hoping to achieve a comfortable retirement that still seems a long way off. What strategies must he have in place to make sure that he will be financially secure for the years ahead?

If you are worried about your retirement years or are just concerned about the financial security of your family, our Personal Financial Planners at Baiduri Bank can suggest several smart financial options for you:


No matter what type of investor you are, a risk taker or someone who prefers to play it safe and steady – at Baiduri Bank we have the financial solution for you. Our Personal Financial Planners can suggest the right combination of several financial suppplements to help you reach your financial goals.

Visit any branch of Baiduri Bank today and learn more about our formula — for your success.


This article was published in the May 2015 issue of Inspire Living Magazine. Download it here!