Classic Elegance

This cozy and inviting English Country Style Home has been created using locally purchased items.

When you look at this house from the outside, it is a big, classical double storey home. But when the doors open and you look inside, you are immediately greeted with a style of décor that celebrates the natural beauty and simplicity of a comfortable, relaxed lifestyle. Both husband and wife are professionals who work full time. They have four children who are now young adults, ranging in age from 19 to 25. The wife and mother explained, “We have been living in this house since 2002. It has six bedrooms; bathrooms, a kitchen and three spacious living areas. This house was built from scratch and my husband and I both had an input into the design. I have also spent many years collecting various pieces from local stores to decorate the rooms.”

In this case the homeowner knows exactly what style she likes and has taken inspiration from the traditional English country style décor. She has a keen interest in home decorating and looks at many home magazines to get ideas. This is why she is able to confidently combine classic elements of English country style décor to create a timeless interior that her family will be able to enjoy for years to come. The use of flowers and floral patterns throughout the rooms bring the natural beauty of nature indoors.


Photography by Riley Khoo

The huge well-dressed windows with beautiful curtains allow just the right amount of light to filter into the rooms; accent walls in two of the living rooms create a focal area and provide a backdrop that frames the room’s furniture arrangement; various comfortable sofa sets beckon you to sit and chat; solid dark wood cabinets, small personal ornaments and floor rugs all add warmth and charm to this home. But what stands out is the exquisite collection of lamps. These lamps with their delicate patterns have been strategically placed around the rooms and when switched on create a cosy ambiance when the sun goes down.

As previously mentioned, all of the accessories and furniture in the pictures shown here have been purchased from local stores in Brunei. This homeowner very proudly explained, “I have brought all of my accessories like the lamps, rugs, curtains, ornaments, decorative screens and various pieces of artwork from local stores. Mohans Carpet Palace, Cinnamon, Woodstock, Fabrica, Thomson Furniture and Mutiara in KB are a few of my favourite shops.


I love to visit these shops because I always find items that fit into this style of décor.” This just goes to show that with a keen eye and distinct sense of style you should be able to find what you want right here, while at the same time supporting the local home industry. It must also be mentioned that apart from the décor, this home is meticulously clean and tidy. You’d be surprised to discover that there is no ‘amah’ employed here – for the past three years, it is the wife, mother and full time employee who has been keeping this house in order. She admitted, “I love to see my home looking spotlessly clean! So during the weekends I spend some time making sure that everywhere is clean and tidy. When I do this, I can then feel comfortable and relaxed.”

From talking to the homeowner, it is clear that this is a close knit family. Even though the children are now older, the parents still ensure that religious education is an important part of their lives. With Hari Raya just months away, this home is already perfectly decorated for the celebration, giving this family time to focus on the real meaning of this celebration.


This article was published in the June 2015 issue of Inspire Living Magazine. Download it here!