Barista by Modesto


Vibrant yet relaxing at the same time, this new bistro and grill in Kiulap promises to be a hit with anyone wanting to enjoy a delicious meal in an inviting atmosphere. Barista, the cool new cousin of Modesto, is a top-quality bistro and grill. Barista maintains the same high standards of quality food and service that have come to be expected by loyal customers to Modesto, but has spun itself into a place for casual drinks and dining. Jaymee, their Marketing Manager and a food & beverage enthusiast talked me through the business. “Our ethos is to foster growth and spread positivity.”

I asked Jaymee what her strategy for this bistro was. “You just have to come up with an idea and put it on a plate. You can’t be afraid but you have to be prepared to refine and improve it.” It was great to hear of a business model that allows for so much flexibility and creativity from its entire staff, and it shows, they operate like a family. Jaymee explained, that “It’s very important to find and to keep the right people. We hope that their attitude spreads through to the customers because happy staff = happy food = happy customers.”



Getting the right people means bringing in chefs from all over the world whose role is to infuse their own unique style and taste into to the menu. One example of this was the lasagna that we tried. Instead of using pasta sheets they used fresh crepes to divide the layers of minced beef and freshly made pomodoro sauce, and mozzarella and parmesan cheese. “The menu is constantly changing”, she told me, “we have different specials on weekends, new promotions all the time and we always try new things for festivities.”

Jaymee and I shared an affinity for burgers so I was delighted to try the triple-decker: beef rashers, a freshly made beef patty and crispy fish filet with fries and coleslaw. At first I was unsure as to how the fish would blend with the other flavors but was pleasantly surprised by how well the combination tasted. I guess that’s the beauty of not being afraid to take risks and to experiment. Barista is just one part of a complete eating experience at the Qlap Mall. Whether you want a casual coffee, formal dining or just something to grab and go, it’s all there. These eateries have brought a much-needed energy and variety to Qlap mall. The management set out with the aim of breathing life back into this space, and like anyone with a clear goal, they are set to succeed.


This article was published in the May 2015 issue of Inspire Living Magazine. Download it here!