Happy Days @ Pica Pica


Pica Pica is a sweet paradise! Located in Menglait, Gadong it’s a place where both the young and the young at heart could explore different taste sensations all under one roof. As you enter this shop the colourful décor and lively music will certainly put a smile on your face and instantly brighten up your day!

The whole idea of Pica Pica is to offer a wide range of local and foreign high quality products including sweet and savoury foods supplied by home businesses and established restaurants. The owner said that their aim is to offer to their customers more unique products and more choices,’ adding that there will be an even wider selection to choose from in the near future. The attractive displays include popular local delights as well as candy floss; mini ‘Pick your own’ cases filled with Marshmallow sticks, Haribo treats and a variety of other sweets from the United Kingdom. The shop owner explained that the basic concept of Pica Pica is that “you get to pick and mix it up, it’s your choice of sweets.” They also aim to build the community by employing local staff who can develop a strong relationship with their customer base.


Photography by Riley Khoo

In terms of the shop design, the owners have created a contemporary yet nostalgic place that allows you to take a break from your everyday life – a combination of modern life, fantasies, and childhood memories. The black and white floor tiles which give a contemporary yet classic look effectively combine with the bright red and white striped canopies and other vibrant colours to create a décor that is eye-catching, extremely inviting and one that also captures the essence of the shop’s unique identity- a magical wonderland.

Before we left the shop the owner smiled and said, “You can always take away food, but we want you take away the experience too.” Indeed, having had the opportunity to sample a few of the sweet treats, we can honestly say that this was a truly wonderful experience that left us feeling extremely happy!


This article was published in the March 2015 issue of Inspire Living Magazine. Download it here!