Home Kitchen


“Welcome Home!” is not a phrase that you usually hear when you enter a café. But it is amazing how these two simple words have the power to instantly conjure up warm feelings of comfort, joy and contentment. And this is exactly what the owner wants you to experience when you step into “Home Kitchen.”

As the name implies, “Home Kitchen” has been designed and decorated to give a relaxed and homely feel. The open plan kitchen and dining area is spacious and offers a variety of seating arrangements – from comfortable couches to a choice of formal and casual seating areas. The ambience is so cosy that it beckons you to linger a little longer to share a meal or to chat some more.

This restaurant attracts a more mature and sophisticated crowd of ladies, perhaps because ladies appreciate the unique ambience which the owner has created – one that feels familiar, safe and comfortable. The owner is at the door to welcome every customer into her “Home Kitchen.” A personal touch which demonstrates that customer service is a top priority at this restaurant. Her eye for detail is evident in every aspect of this restaurant, from the décor to the diverse array of delectable dishes on the menu. If you go there for a meal, try a dish from the restaurant’s quirky fusion menu.


Try the Nelayan Pasta, The Lambada (superbly grilled lamb) or if you are in the mood for something lighter try the Fancy Nancy Salad. But here’s a hint, the Buffalo Wings are super succulent – it’s a popular choice and is made with Home Kitchen’s own special recipe!

And after enjoying a satisfying meal at the Home Kitchen, when you are leaving this restaurant don’t be surprised to hear the young waitress to call you to “Come home soon!” We have no doubt that you will return to this home away from home!

This article was published in the February 2015 issue of Inspire Living Magazine. Download it here!