Catalyst’s New Office


We didn’t have an unlimited budget for renovation when we set out to move into the new office in November last year. In fact, we decided to ditch many expensive ideas, after a conversation with our friend, Deno, who reminded us that “money spent in this cannot be recovered.”

Instead of having a big budget we were fortunate to have access to the most wonderful interior designs from past research and experience; plus a clear idea of how we’d wanted our office to function and look:

First of all, we decided that our office had to be practical, functional and be able to support open communication.

Secondly, it also had to reflect our personality as a team, which is fun, stylish and creative.


As I type up this article, I can see colleagues walking across to one another’s stations to get work done instead of emailing each other. The classical music that plays from Insyirah’s desktop speaker makes the world of difference to soothing the atmosphere. And alternatively if she plays something “weird”, it fires up heated discussions and jovial debate. Or when Rina bursts out roaring with laughter, the sense of joy is infectious and we can’t help but join in the fun.

When the stress level in the office runs high, we can now settle our differences in the conference room over a game of ping pong. If it gets too intense, there’s always the punching bag next to the printing machine- a preference reserved mainly for my personal pleasure.

Our new office works out exactly the way we planned, thanks to Sebastian and his team at SPAD.

However, what works for us may not necessarily work for you because of the difference in the nature of jobs. Besides, our taste in design can also be completely different.

But one thing that we know for sure is that when it comes to successfully designing an office, a home or whatever you set out to do – you must begin with the end in mind.

Once you have the ‘why’ figured out, the rest will come together seamlessly.

This article was published in the January 2015 issue of Inspire Living Magazine. Download it here!